Angela Etchison

Angela Etchison, LPE-I

I moved to Arkansas when I was nearly 6 years old and I’ve lived in Little Rock most of my life. Since a very young age, my passion has been bringing hope to people struggling with the stresses of life. While stress is a natural part of life, too much stress can be harmful to your health and well-being. Using a caring and collaborative approach, my desire is to help clients experiencing anxiety or depression, family issues, or major life transitions. In addition, I like to help parents of children with special needs, including developmental or intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disabilities, ADHD, and other behavioral disorders.

Through the therapeutic process, I will help you learn to move from being stuck or overwhelmed to finding the confidence to manage your stresses. I understand that no one single approach is right for everyone. That’s why I integrate a range of evidence-based treatments based on your individual needs. I also use psychological evaluations to help answer specific diagnostic questions and make appropriate treatment decisions.

On a personal note, I am a mother to two of the most beautiful children. No, I’m not biased. (wink wink). I enjoy camping and movie nights with my family, the rare date nights with my husband, cycling and yoga (when I can squeeze it in), and shoe shopping! I understand the challenges of today’s busy families, and I hope to help you find balance and greater enjoyment with your family.

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